Booklist: A few to start off the year!

Bruce Boxleitner (Babylon 5, Scarecrow and Mrs. King): Frontier Earth: Searcher. A wonderful Weird West romp, dark and sinister. Sure, it’s not high literature, but it’s so hard to put down!

Angela Carter: Magic Toyshop. Gothic, dark, twisted and beautiful. Incest, murder, mayhem…How can you go wrong?

Emma Donoghue: Kissing the Witch. Classic fairytales told with a human touch, and wound together. Written from a woman’s perspective, beautifully haunting tales of motherhood, loss, growing up.

Christopher Golden: The Boys Are Back in Town. Horror, magic and growing up. A nice, creepy little suspense.

Christopher Golden and Thomas Sniegoski: The Menagerie. Can’t all be high-brow! Menagerie is an excellent series. Each book stands alone, but all are worth reading. Golden and Sniegoski do a great job of bringing old and new myths to life. And, as the lead is Sherlock Holmes, you have REASON to read it! Got to brush up on all things Sherlock Holmes, right?

Caitlin Kittredge: Street Magic. Light, quick Urban Fantasy. The setting is lovely, the prose is easy to read, and the pace is quick and lively.

James P. Blaylock: The Elfin Ship. Yes, it’s a classic.

Robert Heinlein: Friday. Just started reading this a couple of weeks ago. Way behind the boat for me, but Heinlein was RIGHT on target. There are too many parallels to modern America. Read his description of a sick society, and be afraid.

Alan Campbell: Deepgate. Keeping things dark, Deepgate is dark, luscious and gruesome. Probably my top read of 2009 for originality, setting and darkness.

Charles de Lint: Someplace to be Flying. Bittersweet. De Lint writes modern folklore in ways that make me instantly jealous. ‘Flying’ brings Native American tales to new life, and puts a new light on the crows and coyotes of the world.

Terry Brooks: Running With the Demon. A quietly science-fiction/fantasy/coming of age tale. Again, older, but right on the nail. Brooks captures the childhood voice so very well.


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