What’s for breakfast? LINKS!

Sorry. Cheesy title, yes. Cheesy links? No.

On zombie-culture in Haiti. A rather long article, but certainly an interesting read.

I’ve posted this link before, but the Psychopathy of Heroism is a fascinating, useful read for any writer.

A site full of beautiful old photos.

More cool old photos.

Why have you not submitted to Crossed Genres: Little Death yet? Polish up your best f/sf/h erotica and send it to us. If you have LGBT erotica, even better.

Here, have some nightmares. Courtesy of Cracked.com, the 6 Creepiest Places on Earth.

The artist list for Metropolis Records reads like a laundry list of my favorite bands. Those guys have great taste.

Here, more nightmares. I had to research Human Sacrifice for scenes in Nightmare. In case you needed to lose more faith in humanity.

To offset that, The Atlas of True Names has provided many a laugh for me. Next time someone tells you that fantasy has stupid names, ask if they’ve been to “Navel of the Moon”, Mexico.

Perhaps the best speech on Marriage Equality that I’ve heard yet.

Spectacular images and story of Kazakh Eagles. Use this in your next fantasy story, please.

Are Genius and Madness Related?

Evidence of a matriarchal golden age during the supposed “Dark Ages” of Greece, Four Priestesses were unearthed with their Iron Age treasures.

Did you really expect to get out of here without something food-oriented? I’m shocked and disappointed. Go browse the cupcake menu at Cups and Cakes Bakery and join me in drooling.

Drollerie Press is taking submissions for FOUR anthologies! There are some great subjects in there, too!

A lovely little piece on plagues and plumbing. Being a writer certainly takes me strange places….

And, because I’ve been wrecking bloody mayhem and trying to turn the newcomers into tasty barbequed snacks, I should give the Shock Totem Forums a shout-out. Plus, Ken, Mercedes and Tyrion make me look like sweetness and light. Everyone needs a little more shock in their lives!

That’s all for today, folks.


One Response to “What’s for breakfast? LINKS!”

  1. Love the links.

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