I apologize for the silence, recently. November/December killed me due to unusual holiday madness, January killed me because of serious computer issues, all of which left me three months in the black. On top of that, why are all the deadlines in the shortest month of the year? Right after the holidays?!

Anyways, here’s what’s going on:

Two stories were finished and submitted for the Aether Age anthology. Once I got a handle on the world, it was amazing to work with.

AA Story #1 clocked in around 5000 words, and was basically a horror story. First time I’ve ever ended a story in the literal middle of a sentence. Written in a mix of third-person and first-person flash internal monologue, I wasn’t that happy with the story…until I got feedback on it. And hell, if all I get from it is that feedback, ok! I am happy with the effort. I feel like I actually nailed a cohesive story in someone else’s world, which is a first for me.

AA Story #2 was a last-minute thing based on discussions with other Aether Age people. Because I tend to write from an inhuman perspective, I’d mentioned wanting to write an alien piece. That’s not for the Helios anthology however, so I had to scrap that. However, I was given the prompt of colonies at the edge of the Aether, and their unexplained disappearance.

The result of that prompt was a 1500 word 1st person horror (surprised? Didn’t think so…) piece, complete with a whole new myth. Mmmm, mythology.

I had intended to get a piece in to Drollerie Press for one of their anthologies this month. “Trafficking in Magic” was the one I wanted. No story ever came through for that one, however. Instead, the YA category popped into my head. A genre I’ve never written, have no affinity for, etc. But it wanted Greek myths set in modern times. Between some forum challenges and CRASH (posted for the Crossed Genres Haiti drive), I’ve done plenty of myth-in-modern-times recently, and Greek for Aether Age.

So I now have 1400 words of a coming-out YA/Urban Fantasy story. Yeah, not really what I’d planned…

I have TWO articles with hard-and-fast deadlines, one for Crossed Genres and one for the Animal Control. I have NO info for the AC one yet. The coordinator needs me to interview some of the officers, and an adoptive family. A little worried about getting that one done!

I also need to finish the Outer Alliance one, and talk to Fantasy Magazine about some other stuff.

NIGHTMARE (Haven) is the love of my life right now. I’ll make it to 53,000 words today, 118 of 161 pages edited. The ending needs a lot of writing, but I’ve got the story now I think. It’s one of those stories that I read and go ‘did I really write this?’. I’m glad I don’t always write that way though. It is an emotionally draining, nasty sort of writing. The result is beautifully grotesque, but getting there…

NIGHTMARE went to its first test-reader last week. She’d been nagging me, so I sent her the incomplete. Apparently I am partially responsible for lack of sleep (sadly, not from fear. Scaring her is impossible.). Feedback was vastly encouraging.

Next month, the only deadlines I know of are two short stories for Drollerie Press and one for a contest from Baen Books. One of the DP short stories is partially drafted, a lovely ghost story that I am completely in love with already. The other is a ‘maybe’, not touched yet. The Baen Books story is not drafted at all, but the setting is created and the world is ready to go.

I’ll be at ConNooga this weekend. Small and closely-packed, it sounds like. Lots of good paranormal stuff. I don’t know how much Con I’ll attend, as this is mini-vacation too, and I want to explore the city!!! If you are there, let me know! I don’t really know anyone attending, unlike Dragon*Con!

I’m still fighting energy problems. Whatever hit me, back before Dragon*Con ’09, it took me out good. I haven’t been able to recover either my usual drive and focus, nor my ability to survive on no sleep. It is slowly returning, but I really think that the South is going to kill me. Humidity. BLARGH! MOLD!

Aaaand…everything else is pretty good. Massage on Thursday, much needed. The chiropractic no longer cuts it. Shoulder affects knee and hip badly now. Wondering how long until I have to do something stronger. I’ll be trying acupuncture in Spring, hopefully.

So, for now, I’m off to Nightmare!

*edit* I almost forgot! My excellent musician friend, Jamie Andrew Ward, wrote a song using some of my poetry! He hasn’t finished it off yet, so far as I know, so I can’t link to it, but I’ll let you know when I can. So excited!


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