Food, Family and Con

Er, ok, so not your typical American dream. Leave out the family and insert a few things that we won’t mention here, and it would be MY dream.

Enough of that. I’m tired, and rambling.


Yes, I’m really starting with food. Namely, Georgia sucks. I got all of these cool, geeky beers like Wytchcraft, and then couldn’t buy them because it was Sunday, and the south is backwards like that. I did, however, get way too many aged Italian cheeses. Ohmygodyum.


About 12 years ago, my great-grandmother was diagnosed with (something, no, I don’t remember what), at 80-something years of age. She went downhill rapidly, was told she was going to die, etc etc etc. Turns out, the doctors had put her on the wrong kind of drug. When she was switched, she recovered beautifully and was doing water aerobics and helping out at church and all of that.

Last night, in the middle of the Hazmat concert, my grandfather emailed my mom, saying that great-grandma was unresponsive. She wasn’t expected to live through the night. The funeral was being scheduled for next Saturday.

Er, we’ve heard THAT song and dance before. We waited. Went about Con business like usual.

As we were nearing Charlotte today, he called again. She was stable, and responsive again. The nursing home gave her two to three weeks.

So yes, my life is completely up in the air right now. I haven’t seen them for several years, but she and my great-grandfather are two of the brightest spots in a rough childhood. I’m very, very much like my grand-father, and despite our vastly different outlooks on life, we were close. He won’t make it for long after she is gone. He’s already buried one wife.

At any time, I could be getting a call saying “Come to Colorado this weekend”. Then again, my family doesn’t die very easily. I wouldn’t be surprised if my tiny, fragile, stubborn-as-hell Grandma was around for another ten years. Hell, she’s already almost 100. Might as well live to see the big one, right?

Sympathies that have already been given are much, much appreciated. At the same time, I won’t be shedding too many tears here. I’ll miss them, yes. There will be a warmth and loving terror missing from my heart. But they are almost 100, they have lived incredibly full lives, and that makes it easier to gently wish them well and let them go.

And, finally….(and on a happier note, at that…)CONNOOGA!!!

Have to admit reservations about this one. I’d never heard about it, and no one else seemed to have heard about it, either. I only heard about it because of a mishap at Dragon*Con. (I was sick, unable to attend all of the concerts, etc. etc. was checking to see when Faith and the Muse, Voltaire and Bella Morte would be playing again, and lo and behold, Bella Morte at this thing called Connooga? Hmmm, looks cool…)

It’s held in a hotel that used to be a train station. Admission here, mom and I are both steam/industrial geeks. We HAD to check this out.

I got hit with horrible allergies right before the Con. Of course. This seems to be a habit. The results are: coughing through an author’s panel, not eating, and generally looking like a raging alcoholic, given the red nose and all. (although, according to a reliable source, I got ogled (I won’t name names, unless you threaten me with chocolate, and then I’ll tell you the whole story.) as I hurried out of the panel during my coughing attack. Probably because I was actually wearing a skirt. Yes, a SKIRT! I am hawt when I’m sick.)

Anyways, 6 hour drive was ok. Hotel left a bit to be desired, for the price. The Con? Small, but really worth it, honestly. Dragon*Con is an AMAZING experience, but something like Connooga is where you really get to have a relaxing, fun time and still get the geek in.

Panels were great. Small enough that you could discuss it. The paranormal stuff had an amazing team running it, TAPS, 2 psychics, members of several of the south’s best ghost-hunting/paranormal investigations teams.

I confess, I took a nap before the Bella Morte concert. *sigh* Yes, I am old and boring. However, the concert was…phenomenal. I like live music, I really do. I do not, typically, like live rock. I’m a blues girl, or classical. I love rock, thrash, techno, industrial and black metal on my headphones, but not live.

Andy Deane has lovely stage presence though, interacts with his fans, and simply has a rare talent for singing. (Ok, so I have a voice fetish. That one, I can honestly blame on the ex, thank you very much…)

I had a great weekend, bad news aside. I wrote 700 words today, and have an idea for a new blog. (Do NOT mention the fact that I can’t post regularly to this one. THAT one would have a theme.) I’m ready for Hell Week.

What’s On the Menu, Buster?

Hell Week: Edit Songs of Salt and Blood, finish the Browncoats: Redemption Article for Crossed Genres, start contacting people for the Animal Control article, finish America’s Highway (that was the 700 words, the ONLY 700 words on the story so far), submit both Songs and Highway, reply to all the emails, volunteer at Animal Control so that I’ll finally be full-fledged, register for ReaderCon, and give the house a thorough cleaning.

Blogs to watch for this week: A full run-down of the Con, an idea combining my love of food, music and geeks (get your mind out of the gutter, dammit!), a possibly too-honest post about something very personal, a look at the short stories in progress, and an update on Nightmare/ (Ok, those might run into next week, too. Oops.)

If I owe you something, you’ll get it soon. If I’m slow responding, I’m sorry, I’ll get it to you soon. Between family drama, cons, writing, work, being sick, and people, I just have run out of time. I’ll make it up soon. I’m rested up.

Wait, one last bit of resting to do. Lush and Angela Carter’s The Magic Toyshop are calling me. Good night, all!


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