*bounce bounce bounce*

This sucks. I’ve got a bunch of things that I’m waiting for news on, so I THINK I’ve got great news to share, but I don’t want to jinx myself!

In news that I CAN share, the article for the Crossed Genres ‘Antihero’ issue is written and sent. It focuses on the Browncoats: Redemption film that I’ve been talking about for so long. Working on it got me all giddy again, and certain recent info/events intersected in my head. I sent a DM, and then an email, and another email, and now I’m sitting on my hands, trying not to jump the gun!

Apparently, the first Aether Age replies are going out. So I’m a nervous wreck about that, too! I am not good at this waiting thing. Hope sucks even more, y’know?

I’m feeling pretty good about life right now. I’ve got one story off to Drollerie Press, on time, the CG article sent on time, the info for the next article, and good ideas about the next three stories. As an unanticipated side-effect, I started a rewrite way ahead of schedule.

Unfortunately, Nightmare will NOT be finished on schedule. Again. However, I’ve gotten a long ways by trusting my instincts and jumping at the opportunities that have presented themselves. Nightmare is impatient though, and keeps battering at me to be written!

The news finally came: my great-grandmother passed away a couple of days ago. There are two services next weekend: a private family one on Friday, and the big service on Saturday. I’m flying to Colorado EARLY Friday morning, and will be back on Sunday. This is the first time I’ll have seen most of these people in the better part of ten years. The drama has already started, as was anticipated, and I can’t say I don’t have a substantial amount of dread piling up.

The most interesting part of this? I can’t mention WHAT I write, which means I don’t want to mention writing at all. If I’ve just gotten great news, it’s going to be making me more bitter than usual that the only reaction would be to throw holy water on me. I also have to make sure to keep all the tattoos covered, to not wear earrings, to take off the necklaces I wear night and day. In fact, I’ll probably steer clear of most jewelry that weekend.

After Connooga’s corsets and a realization of how much I love showing up and standing out, this is not going to be easy!

Anyways, if I’ve forgotten that I owe you something, please remind me. I’m hoping to take tomorrow to sit down and write out new lists. The near-future space story should be drafted during flight, the ghost story is already started, the other one will have to wait. I’ve got volunteer work this weekend, and an article to write for them.

And, dammitall, I’m forgetting something. I know I am.


One Response to “*bounce bounce bounce*”

  1. I know one other super-seekrit project you have to work on!

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