Recipe: Mango Madness!

Tried some mango on sticky rice last week, and was underwhelmed. Then again, I eat with the perpetual thought “I could do this better.” See, I don’t need to go to culinary school, I’m already as snooty as a chef!

I had to be fair in my challenge to the product, however. It was prepackaged and insta-eat. Soo…I had to make something easy and phenomenal.

I love my job. I get to experiment on my coworkers! (I work at Trader Joe’s, and I spend a lot of my time working in the demo program. This accounts for all excess weight, as grazing is damn near a job requirement.)

So, being bored, and having the human sharks gnawing the counter, I made Mango Madness. And my coworkers renewed their vows their undying love. (I exaggerate not, they very literally do vow undying love over food. Bachelors are so easy!) Also, I know it worked because the former chef, the half-French gourmet cook, the caterer from Sonoma and the particular manager all loved it. I cannot speak highly enough for this dish!

This is made with four ingredients, and all can be found at your local Trader Joe’s!

Mango Madness

1 tub rice pudding
1 package pre-sliced mango
1 cup crumbled ginger thin cookies
1/2 cup crushed sesame-honey cashews

Rice pudding goes on the bottom.
You can either leave the mango as-is, or dice, but put a little bit of sea-salt on it. (Really, this makes ALL the difference! Lime would be good, too, or orange juice, but that’s frosting.) Spread mango over rice pudding.
Mix crushed cookies and cashews together and sprinkle over the mango.
Add whipped cream, if you so desire.
Serve cold.

This would be an ideal summer dish. Very light and refreshing, not at all too sweet, and fairly unusual. It is an odd combination, but the heat of the ginger plays off the sweet mangoes and cool rice pudding.

Of course, I can’t do things the easy way, so I’m all fired up to try the hellishly-complicated, gourmet version of the above dish. I’ll make that on Wednesday, probably.

What is it? Homemade sweet coconut-milk curry risotto with mascarpone, cooled and molded. Top that with chili-mango-lemongrass chutney and spiced whipped cream. Garnish with cashews and sesame seeds.

My crew think they love me now? Most of them don’t know that I’ll take this dish in for them to eat. Mwahahaha.


One Response to “Recipe: Mango Madness!”

  1. Now you have me wondering how tasty my coconut lime rice pudding recipe would be with freshly sliced mango and hoemmade ginger snaps on top. I haven’t made rice pudding in forever!

    (Of course, with our recent switch to brown rice in the house, I am also wondering how my coconut lime rice pudding will taste with that…)

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