Teaser: Mad Witch Tavern

There’s only one place you can find food like this. Meat pies, dripping with savory gravy and chock-full of the freshest vegetables to be found in the Lost Lands. Hearty breads served with the finest cheese from the White Caves. Delicate gnomish candy, elaborately spiced Elven dishes.

The Mad Witch and her team of cooks, bakers and artisans do indeed keep a fine table. It’s not something you’d expect, out here on the Edge of Nowhere, at the end of all the roads. It really is in the middle of nowhere, and the most welcome site you’ll ever see on a cold, blustery night.

And, since cold, blustery nights never really give way to warm, lovely days, the Tavern keeps a steady business in adventurers, wanderers and nomads.

So step on in, sister. Leave your coat at the door, and take a seat. The Bard is playing tonight, a new song he wrote a few days ago. Tonight’s special is chili and pepper-cheese cornbread, served with Dwarf-brewed ale. There’ll be some parties leaving in the morning. Maybe you can head out with them, if you are tired of traveling alone? If not, please check out the Library. I am sure that there will be a book to match your tastes!

Welcome to Mad Witch Tavern, lonely traveler.


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