Brain-freeze! Let’s see if I can sort all of this out. In the past two days, I have:

Cooked a recipe which hated me. (That is a soul-crushing experience, by the way, and proves why I do NOT cook sweet things.)

Cooked two fancy meals that loved me. Mmmm, who would have thought that avocado-sauce and cumin would be so good on pasta?

Cooked a major batch of puppy food.

Laundry, appointments made, packing done, Hogwatch watched.

Finished the draft for a ghost story for Drollerie Press’s open anthology.

Wrote and edited the Shock Totem contest submission.

Read and wrote a review on Cesar Torres’ 12 Burning Wheels.

Wrote a happy-fun-joy piece for the Animal Control.

Wrote 5 blog posts and sent multiple emails.

Started the Science in my Fiction blog.

Stressed over family. Ran to alleviate stress over family.

I’m so damn drained now. I can barely think. I need this weekend to be over, because it is taking away a lot of my energy and attention. *sigh*

I’m going to try to write the Absent Earth draft while we’re in the air. I’m hoping that the setting will give me the proper mood. I still don’t have any idea what the story will actually be, I seldom do until I start writing. Fortunately, I DO know what the SIMF blog will be, and am excited about that. If possible, I’d like to get the blog for Apex Publishing written to, but I don’t have any idea what that is. I’d like to do something serious, though, to balance out last time’s lighter comic review.

I have to drop the puppy off at her second home tomorrow. I get out of work at 10pm, and have to be to the airport at 6am. Lunch with the younger half of the family (Kind of funny, since I’m the only one under 30) around 2pm. Family service at 5. I give myself a 15% chance of still being on my feet at that point. Fortunately, I can claim exhaustion and maybe miss out on the inevitable tension for one evening.

The real challenge is in avoiding church Saturday morning. It is going to be expected that we will all be there. Words cannot describe how much I do not want to be there. The last couple of times I was in church, it just made me angry. I have nothing against people who do go, but I personally have no use for it.

The big service is Saturday evening, and then I’m sure there will be family stuff after that. I fly home Sunday night, and have to be back to work at 11am. Fortunately, I have two days off, after that, when I have to be as productive as I’ve been the last couple of days. Moreso, actually: I have to be to the dentist’s office at 11am Wednesday. *sigh*

I most likely won’t be replying to emails until Monday night. I’ll check them, if my phone decides to work again. (Yes, I do the same things to fancy phones that I do to computers.) I’ll also keep up with Twitter. In fact, keep an eye out. I’ll probably be tweeting a lot of “wtf” moments and good stories. My family is weird and hilarious, and I will happily share that with you. Like it or not.

Phone calls…unless it’s an emergency, no. There is very little that I can say around my family. So I’ll ignore ya’ll until I get back. Text me if you need something, or need me to call right away.

I’m taking all bids on being captured and imprisoned somewhere for the weekend. Seriously. Anyone?


2 Responses to “Productivity!”

  1. Andrew Bauer Says:

    Sorry, I’d be glad to capture/imprison you but I’m afraid your family would hunt me down and I’m really not feeling that kind of thing right now. If you’d needed it at a better time on my end I’d have been only too happy.

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