Mountains and Molehills

Such a fitting title for this weekend.

I’m supposed to be at family lunch in 10 minutes. It’s 20 minutes away, and no one is ready, so, yeah. Quick, random, and I’m not going to apologize.

I just got back from Bookcliff. Great name, right? Tons of lovely pictures. We went out on the rocks and stuff. The ground is frozen under a layer of wet soil, so I landed on my face within five minutes. After that, my uncle and I did some serious rock-scaling. I’m going to hurt tomorrow, but right now, it has killed the achyness from flying and most of the bad mood. So it’s all good.

I’ll have pictures for everyone after I get back, and hopefully, some awesome news. Several pieces of awesome news, maybe.

For now, the mountains and some reconciliations with family are making the weekend bearable.

And be proud of me. I was on big cliffs, and didn’t push anyone off.



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