Currently Reading…3/9/10 Edition

My reading style is kind of comparable to my grandmother’s consuming of chocolates. I get 5-20 books at a time. I pile them on my desk. I stare at them, drooling a bit. I start leafing through them, taking little bites out of them. Then I take bigger bites out of each one. Whichever one tastes best gets eaten first.

Unfortunately, a lot of books don’t taste good the first time around. I had Mieville’s The Scar sitting around for weeks before I read it. Now? One of my all-time favorites. This is why I detest getting rid of books that I don’t like. There have been cases where I end up loving them.

(Oddly, I devoured American Gods, Neverwhere and a couple of other Gaiman books, but Anansi Boys continues to fail to reel me in. I cannot explain this. I’ve had the book for over a year now!)

Anyways, I’m picking up a mix of classic and new authors here.

Perdido Street Station by China Mieville. (As was pointed out to me by @niallot, on Twitter, Mieville has a really interesting blog )

The Fifth Elephant by Terry Pratchett.

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.

Infected, by Scott Sigler.

Cryptonomicon by Neil Stephenson.

The Castle of Crossed Destinies by Italo Calvino.

Timeline by Michael Crichton.

Lamentation by Ken Scholes.

Also, a bunch of magic and fortune-telling research books, but I won’t list all of those!

I unfortunately had to pass up Leviathan and Boneshaker this time. Maybe next time?


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