New Horizons, New Positions

A few months ago, Chris Fletcher and Bart Lieb were joking about a story that one of them was working on. Somehow, it devolved to the sex-lives of sentient space-vacuums, if memory serves me correctly. With my impeccably accidental genius, I commented that I’d love to read that story, if they actually wrote it.

A few days later, Bart emailed me. What sort of reading had I meant? Did it possibly include slush reading? ‘Cause, y’know, Kay and I are actually starting a magazine of erotic genre fiction, and we need slushers…

Since this IS me we’re talking about, did anyone really think I would say no? Of course not. Firmly aware of the possibilities for permanent mental and emotional maiming, I signed on. Chris and I would slog through the swamps together. (And swamps there have been. Disemboweling really isn’t sexy. Sorry. At least not the way that I got to read about it.

Slush-reading is an interesting exercise. I quickly learned how much of an art a cover-letter is, and how seldom it is actually well-done. I developed pet peeves within about a day. I discovered how much fun it is to find a really good piece.

Last Friday, a few hours after arriving in Colorado for a funeral, I sat in the parking lot of Safeway and checked my email on my new Blackberry. I had an email from Kay and Bart.

Would I like to take over the editorial duties for Little Deaths of Crossed Genres?

Many discussions have transpired since then, many questions and plans and exchanges of emails. All of them boiled down to one thing: Chris Fletcher and I will co-edit the brand-spanking-new magazine of erotic genre fiction.

I cannot even begin to express how excited I am by this opportunity. Kay and Bart are awesome for work for/with/under. (Besides, if I ever get in trouble, I just have to write food-porn about a good Mexican meal, and I’m off scot-free.)

We’ve got big plans for this magazine. Stay tuned, submit, join us!


2 Responses to “New Horizons, New Positions”

  1. Again I say congrats. You folks will make a great team. I think you are both wonderful people and with a duo like this I expect great things

    Mike Griffiths

  2. Congratulations J!

    Oh, and congratulations on the fiction sale as well. I knew you could do it. Never had a doubt. 😀

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