Recap of an Amazing Week!

Also known as: I need to write a blog for Apex, and therefore am stingy with all original ideas. Among other things.

So, first item of action…I received news that the Aether Age Anthology has decided to purchase at least one of the two stories that I submitted. (The second one is still under consideration.) Having seen a couple of names from the TOC, I’m terribly excited to see this. The cover is beautiful, the editors are great, and the fiction promises to be of top quality.

Second item of action…It is official: I will be co-editing the Little Death of Crossed Genres with Chris Fletcher, of M-Brane SF. I got the offer last Friday, while I was sitting in the parking lot of a Safeway. I might have gotten a little excited. Little Death is a magazine of erotic genre fiction. Send us your sexy stories with plot!

Third item of action…the first of my Science in My Fiction blogs is up. I had a lot of fun with that one!

On the day-to-day, I’m a little behind. I’ve been fighting off something, whether it be travel-stress, a cold or allergies, I don’t know. But it means early bedtimes and not much getting done. If I owe you something…it is coming. Promise. Just might take me a couple of days. I’m also staying away from Yahoo and such, in favor of sleep. Silly me.

Last week was ultra-productive, oddly enough. I drafted, edited, submitted and organized a lot of stuff on the plane. Absent Earth is behind schedule, sadly. Will work on that over the weekend. I also need to write a blog for Apex, as previously mentioned, which I will do…tonight, probably.

My big project right now is getting new slush readers in place, and getting Little Death onto Duotrope. *Edit* Either I used the wrong terms or else it was glitchy, because LD is already ON Duotrope. Yay…*headdesk*

We need about three issues worth of fiction before we publish, just to make sure that we don’t end up without enough stuff. So start submitting, please!

I don’t have time to do a #followfriday for all of the awesome people on Twitter, so here’s thanks to a few extraordinary ones: Kay Holt, Bart Leib, Chris Fletcher, Brandon Bell, Eric T. Reynolds, Mike Griffiths, Cesar Torres, Natania Barron, Michelle Muenzler, Sarah Hendrix and Kaolin Fire. Ya’ll rock!


8 Responses to “Recap of an Amazing Week!”

  1. Little Death is already on Duotrope (, and Ralan ( I took care of that when we founded it. In fact, I’ve already contacted Ralan and he’s updated it to reflect you and Chris as the new editors!

    • Jaym Gates Says:

      Hmm, odd. I checked Duotrope the other day, and it didn’t show! My bad. *goes to poke around some more*

      (For the record, anyone who doesn’t know: Ralan and Duotrope are AWESOME for anyone who is wanting to submit their work!)

    • P.S. – it’s “L-E-I-B”, not “-L-I-E-B”. Very common mistake.

  2. No! You are full of WIN all the time! Typos matter not! (until the editing begins.)

  3. Jaym Gates Says:

    You’d not say that if you saw how long it took me to type Mike’s name…good lord. Seriously, I had to retype that about ten times. This week has not treated me kindly on the basic levels!

    (Thank you for the kind words…I’m better at editing other people’s things than my own, sadly.)

    • Well, I think that’s true of many people. It’s easy to overlook problems in your own writing, because YOU know what you mean…

      • Jaym Gates Says:

        Also, after you’ve written/read it enough times, it fixes itself in your head, but not on paper. Words blurring together, all of that stuff.

        If only there was something that checked spelling and stuff…oh, wait. That’s write. It Chex and fixes all of that staff.

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