Recommended Music: Greatest Hits

Second try, because WordPress ate the last attempt…

The Clash is kind of a predictable choice, but London Calling just makes me happy. (Punk)

Angelspit combines a beautiful look to addictive music. This one has staying power, and deserves better recognition! Try The Wolf, Create Desire or Wreak Havoc. (Industrial Punk)

I’ve been listening to Icon of Coil off and on for a while. Now they’re on pretty regular play!

Arclight by the Deathstars gets a turn pretty much every day. Their cover of White Wedding is great, too. (Goth-Metal)

Another band that is as visually-appealing as musically-appealing is Ego Likeness. I can’t stop listening to Severine, Burn Witch, Burn or Wayfaring Stranger.

As mentioned earlier, I got to see Bella Morte live in Chattanooga. Great show, great guys.

How do I describe IAMX? I don’t. Just listen, if you don’t already know them!

Do I ever NOT listen to Eisbrecher these days? No. Not really. They probably manage to top the list as my all-time favorite band. Not a single song of theirs that I don’t like, something that not even Rammstein QUITE managed. (Oomph!, however, comes VERY close.)

Switchblade Symphony is a new one for me. Gutter-Glitter is my new favorite!

Punk in general is getting a pretty decent rotation all of the sudden, which definitely means that summer is on the way. Anyone got some recommendations for unusual/new punk bands to fall in love with?


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