300 Miles: A Launch Party

I really did move to the wrong part of the state, y’know? Having to do a 300 mile round trip to get to anything literary can drain ya in a hurry.

It also means that I don’t do everything I want to do. I kind of wavered on going to the BullSpec launch party, for that exact reason. Glad I did go!

Sam Montgomery-Blinn has done a phenomenal job with BullSpec. A great sampling of styles, mediums and authors, a flavor of the locale, and support for local literacy make for a magazine that might make a pretty big splash. I highly encourage everyone and their sister to buy it.

Michael Jasper and Peter Wood were lovely gentlemen, and it was nice to meet them.

Natania Barron and I ran for coffee as soon as the party was over. Predicable? Us? Nah. Anyways, the entire trip was worth it, just to sit and TALK to someone who is smart, witty and experienced. Ironically, we both are both reading Perdido Street Station right now, and have similar (No one else has agreed with me on that book, for some reason) thoughts on Anansi Boys.

We had the chance to discuss plans for DragonCon and ReaderCon. Stay tuned for that news!


3 Responses to “300 Miles: A Launch Party”

  1. Is Natania gonna be able to go? That would be cool. (Ought to think more about driving vs the train, then…)

  2. Jaym Gates Says:

    She is pretty sure that she’ll be able to make it. I told her that you and I were planning to drive, so once they get back from PAXEast, we should all start figuring that out. Not so very far away!

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