North Carolina Writers’ Meetup?

It’s kind of crazy how many writers live in NC! I’ve met a lot of you, and know that there are a lot more that I’m missing.

Networking being the life of our business, I figured it would be great to meet up and, well, meet. Drinks or coffee, or both, on a week night? Artists and musicians are also welcome!

If anyone is interested, I’m looking at Monday, April 19, 20, or 26, being a Monday, Tu esday and Monday, respectively. The location would be somewhere in Greensboro, as that seems to be about central for the state. (SC and VA writers are also welcome, if you want to make such a long haul!!)

Who’s interested in meeting the other writers in the area?


9 Responses to “North Carolina Writers’ Meetup?”

  1. mgellington Says:

    Depending on the time, I might could make it. Also would you like to think about maybe assembling a group or community?

    • Jaym Gates Says:

      I have started a Twitter list, need to make a Facebook list, know nothing about LJ! I’d love a community. Where were you thinking would be a good place to host it?

  2. Monday the 19th works better for me. I’m probably going to be flipping out to get ready for 6 weeks in Europe after that.

  3. mgellington Says:

    I run a writing community on LJ. A twitter list might be good also as well as fb. There is no reason we can’t do all three. Greensboro has a Borders Bookstore that might work. It isn’t far from I40, the mall and the colesium. I live nearby. I don’t get to travel much otherwise. We could always get the group organized and spend sometime chatting then take it from there. I say we. It can be you. LOL I am excited but don’t mean to jump in. How close are you to GBO or WS?

    • Jaym Gates Says:

      Please, go ahead and jump in! I am of the opinion that anything run/controlled by one person is going to have major problems and holes. I welcome any and all feedback.

      I need to spend some time on Twitter lists anyways, so I’ll put out a call for recommendations. I also need to figure out how to import/export Twitter lists, if that can be done.

      I’ll make a FB page. Would you like to have admin access to it, so that you can update it too? You might be more plugged in to local stuff.

      Do we want to do a Borders, or find a bar or coffee shop that has room for lots of people?

      I live in Charlotte, so about an hour and a half from GBO. Used to work up in Randleman, so I’m roughly familiar with the area.

  4. mgellington Says:

    I’d like in on the admin. That would be cool. I need to plug in locally. I honestly haven’t. Funny that. I think we could move the meetings around. That Borders has a fair amount of seating. It kind of depends on the response you get. We could even meet at the menu at the mall. Lot’s of seating and no one will care that we are there or how loud we get.

  5. Jaym Gates Says:

    I know people locally, but there seems to be very little actual community. I think we kind of figured there wasn’t anyone else around, and looked outward!

    Will you help me talk up the meetup? I’m aiming, tentatively, for April 19, which is a Monday evening.

    Conni, good luck with the Europe trip…geez. You’ve got an insane summer schedule, don’t you?

    • Thanks! I alternate between bouncing off the walls and terrified. Stepping out of my comfort zone and all.

      Yeah, my summer schedule is sort of insane. I think I’ll be home 5 weekends out of, what, 10? between mid-June and September. This is highly unusual for me.

  6. mgellington Says:

    I will be happy to help you talk up the meeting. Will you shoot me an email?

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