I have 2 stories that I need to have finished by the 30th. And the ending for Nightmare. And Little Death stuff. Day-job stuff. Laundry. Friends. Living.

Today has been one of those days where things just kept going wrong. Miscommunications, the dog trying to dig to China, generally crappy feeling, people with road rage, the day job.

So, of course, I get a migraine.

I’ve only been getting these for about 6 months, since I got felled by that weird virus right before Dragon*Con. I’m infamous for my undiagnosable episodes of violent pain/illness, and have finally attributed it to stress.

So, instead of laundry and LD and useful stuff, I sit here. I am swaddled in towels and a fluffy robe, and look like a plushie of the Grim Reaper.

The fun part? I’m trying to scald my face off. And not with technical heat, either.

Pain meds don’t work. I routinely horrify coworkers by tossing back 6-10 ibuprofen at a time. That’s almost purely mental, at best, it takes the edge off. But Motrin makes me fuzzy.

The semi-cure that’s keeping me alive right now? A very hot shower. Cricking myself into a pose reminiscent a seal practicing yoga. And a bunch of herbs wrapped in an old t-shirt, kept pressed to my head. Cinnamon, ginger, peppermint, cedar, eucalyptus. Oh yeah, they get the blood flowing. They also feel like I’ve gotten a bad sunburn and am rubbing rough cloth over it.

But y’know what? I’ll take it. Sometimes you’ve just got to scald your face off to feel better.


2 Responses to “Urg”

  1. It might be Fibromyalgia.
    My wife suffers from it.
    There’s much more you can do about it than what you’re doing, but you should consider getting a formal diagnosis.

    • Jaym Gates Says:

      I have two friends with fibro, and actually considered getting checked for that.

      But they have constant pain. I KNOW what my pains are from, it’s the sickness that can’t be figured out. It’s oddly cyclical, usually early spring, middle of the summer, early fall, so it MIGHT be allergies…except that it also crops up randomly.

      It is very odd. Very, very odd. At this point, I’m just living with it, because meds and I have a bad history.

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