I went to the optometrist yesterday. The assistant offered me a retinal imaging service to replace dilation. Since I had a lot to do yesterday, I gladly took that option. It cost $40, but hey, that works for me. So, the optometrist finishes all his tests and such, and says ‘hey, I’m going to put some drops in now’. These guys went to lots of school, right? They know what they are doing, right?

“Now we just have to wait for them to dilate.” Wait, what?

The assistant couldn’t apologize enough for the doctor’s error. She actually gave me a bunch of free stuff. However, he never apologized, and his ineptitude cost me time, discomfort, and a missed appointment. I won’t be going back.

As for the missed appointment…the chiropractor that I go to is a sweetheart. His main receptionist? A passive-aggressive bitch. We’ve fought her tooth and nail for almost a year. Definitely not pleasant. We called and told her that we would be there 15 minutes late, because another appointment had dragged over. “Don’t come. We can’t see you tonight.”

The icing on THAT cake is that their office hours suck. It’s almost exclusively times that neither my mom nor I can make it. We have 3 times that we CAN make it, and I have to go twice a week. They are closed one of those days, this week. Which means that I can look forward to a week of pain, soreness, and stiffness. I’m really regretting that contract with them.

On the way home, my left front brake started smoking. It had done this a couple of weeks before, and we’d taken it in to the shop. They stripped the brake down, didn’t find anything. Well, it smoked HARD last night. Now, we just had the brakes done a few months ago, so this was wrong wrong wrong.

Took it back to the shop. I love our guys, they know the truck by site and do all of the checks and stuff for free. So, they checked it. “Oh, your caliper is jammed. And the heat warped your rotor. Yeah, that’s going to be $225.”

We can’t wait on this. I seem to be driving north on a fairly regular basis, I drive 30 miles a day, and we volunteer on the other side of town. Fortunately, we have a lifetime guarantee from Firestone. The guy fought us, but I’m taking the truck in tomorrow. What pisses me off is that this kills an entire morning, because they screwed up last time.

And I think we all know how the day job has been going…

This is the week of stupidity and ineptitude on the part of way too many people. (Backed up, however, by some seriously awesome people and great news. Not all bad, but I’m pissed about these incidents!)


4 Responses to “Ridiculous!”

  1. mgellington Says:


  2. Yes this is ridiculous!

    Sorry your day was a wipe. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Oh wait, do you work tomorrow?

  3. Always ridiculous! Cars, sigh… my exhaust is falling off… and people’s ineptitude… rrrr.

    Hope things get better and nice to hear that some of the breeches still fit… awesome.

  4. Jaym Gates Says:

    Shadow, yes, I work tomorrow. Which means that I may be having that little chat.

    Shirley…yeah. Cars.

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