Campaign for Real Fear: Thoughts

Thanks, (I think), to Marc Anthony from TTA, I’m throwing my hat into the ring for the Campaign for Real Fear.

The challenge is to come up with a modern-day monster that addresses our fears and concerns, to create the thing that kids tell each other about around the fire.

I’ve started three different pieces, and finally figured out what was nagging at me.

We aren’t afraid of monsters. Not like our ancestors. We’re too cynical, too scientific. No matter how realistic the beast, that tiny bit of disbelief will still be at the back of the reader’s head. Haha, yeah, that’s scary, but it’s not real. I’ll leave the lights on, but it won’t be scaring me tomorrow.

To be fair, monsters are still VERY scary. The primitive part of our brain still reacts to the flicker of shadows, to strange noises and uncertain shapes. We’re hardwired for fear, it has always been what kept us alive.

But if we were faced with a flesh-and-blood monster, how would we react? With our weapons, there is little that will survive long. A faceless, nameless, formless evil, however…how would we slay that? How could we prevail against something that is beneath our own skin?

I think that this is what I will attempt: One against the other. Alien vs. Predator, in a sense. Mind against form. ‘Reality’ against the invisible, unnameable.

Ambitious? Always. Attainable? We’ll see.


3 Responses to “Campaign for Real Fear: Thoughts”

  1. I agree in that we are not as scared as our ancestors.
    The fear has been diluted because the world has become smaller. We see horrors everyday and deem them commonplace, with exposure to so much on the tv and online.

    Yes, the challenge is to come up with something which will scare us and creep us out. I believe there are horrors out there which tug at our senses, making us wary and fearful of the dark.

    I’m throwing my hat in the ring and am working on a couple of pieces too.


    @necol66 on Twitter.

  2. You are right.
    Fear, true fear is not something we experience much anymore. Instead, we have many things that give us a sense of security. It is not like we cannot turn on a light and the darkness will disappear. In our lives of convenience, we forget how crazy and wild the world once was.

  3. Mortal fear’s probably not as common as it once was (phew), but there are a lot very modern anxieties that are growing riper with every passing year.

    Whether or not we can deal with them in 500 words is another question!

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