Hero and the Three Mother-Mountains

The tall flame detached itself from the wall and came to her. Fire dripped from her fingers, great wings flared from her shoulders. Sparks burned in the black caverns of her eyes, and her lips were the red slash of a tree-trunk eaten from the inside by fire, the outside charring to black.

She reached into the pool and wrapped her hands around Hero. Steam rose in billowing clouds. Hero cried out again, certain that she could not bear more pain, when Wildfire lifted her free from the water.

“All that you must do, if you cannot bear my touch more, is cry enough, and I shall set you back in the pool to reawaken in your world,” said Wildfire, and sparks flew from her lips when she spoke.

“You are a queen,” said Hero, touching the blankness of Wildfire’s face, where only the cavernous eyes and cracked mouth broke the expanse of fire.

“I am a queen,” agreed Wildfire, “and my Lord of the Forest has hidden behind the humans for many long years. There is no one to love me now.”


One Response to “Hero and the Three Mother-Mountains”

  1. Hmmmmm…. Interesting. I want to read more of this! Definitely in your style!

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