Pretty Things

I’ve been avoiding this for…months. *sigh*

I make jewelry. For fun. Lots and lots of jewelry. I’ve sold a decent amount, for as much as $50 on commission. I’ve been getting requests to photograph and post pictures of the stuff for a while now.

I finally bit the bullet. I’m going to try to remember to take a picture tomorrow of the mounds of jewelry on my dining room table.

Anyways, the first half is here:

I’ve used up my space limit for the month however, so the rest will go up somewhere else, or just later.

Here’s the deal: Everything I make is one-of-a-kind. I use beads, rocks, charms, bits and pieces that I’ve found all over the United States, Ebay and the web. So there is a lot of variety, a lot of different styles and moods.

A lot of the pieces are not for sale. However, if you see something that you really like, I will work with you to make something that is just for you. Earrings range from $15 for 3 sets to $15 apiece. Necklaces range from $15 to $60, depending on the pieces used.

Ideally, I’d like to create pieces for an individual. If you give me the colors you want, and shapes that appeal to you, I can make something that is unique to your style. A photograph is even better, as I take a lot of cues off of a person’s shape and skin-tone.

Let me know if you want something made!


One Response to “Pretty Things”

  1. Good for you hon! I do not know of any truly creative person who stays with just one medium. Paint, charcoal, pencils, beads, it is all a part of individual expression. We all need it badly, but not many try to embrace it.

    Good luck with sales! We need to collaborate!

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