One blink, and a snort, the beast reared its neck skyward and coughed a gout of flame high into the air, showers of sparks and steaming rain falling around her, and for a moment the clouds flared with lurid orange light. Finder stared, then scrambled away, running for her life, tripping and flailing in the mud.

A hiss, the head snaked forward and she ran into the steaming snout. With a crackle of thunder, wings flared from the creature’s body, sticky as a newborn. Blood dripped from them, and membranous viscera.

“W-what are you?” cried Finder, sucking her fingers into her mouth. They had burned on the heat of the scales. “Why are you here? Why me?”

“You woke me,” the creature answered.

I wasn’t expecting to trunk a story. Especially not a story that is so intrinsically…me. My motto is rewrite, rewrite, rewrite.

But I’m trunking my most beloved story tonight. Pale Fire She Snatches From the Sun will not be sent on submission again. Unless some strange circumstances come to pass, it won’t see the light of day for a very long time.

I wrote Fire last year, right at the start of my short-story binge. It was the first time I’d gotten serious about the shorts, about my voice and letting the weird elements flow. One scene of it was inspired by one of the most beautiful, chilling dreams that I’ve ever had. From there, it just flowed.

I finished that story in a week…easily. I got good feedback on it, so I started submitting it.

Six markets later, it hasn’t found a home.

No big deal, right? For any other story, no. For this one, yeah.

See, I wrote the Aether Age stories on a prompt, to someone else’s world. Yes, they are my voice and all that, but they aren’t entirely mine.

Fire, Climb and my newest project, Gifts, are entirely mine. And, of all of them, Fire is the most mine.

Of course, the latest rejection comes after a frustrating, stressful, even frightening day. The last few weeks have kicked the crap out of me. With the issues at work, the ex, fights with people who mean more to me than they really know, being under the weather, and every single bloody simple thing turning into some huge ordeal, I’m not at my best right now.

So, I deleted the paragraph that was originally here, and I’m going offline for the night. I need time out. Even from writing, for now. Hopefully, by tomorrow, I’ll be able to go back to Nightmare. I’m leaving Gifts alone for a while, too.

I suppose that normalcy is still the way to go. Wish me luck on that one, eh?


9 Responses to “Curiosities”

  1. mgellington Says:

    ::hugs you very tight:: Wish I could really be here for you. These days are the hardest.

    • Jaym Gates Says:

      *collapses dramatically on the couch* I can’t take it any more!

      Meh. Work is getting to me, so I keep inflicting this mood on other people. *sigh* Damn dayjob drama.

      *hugs* Thank you, you are awesome.

  2. mgellington Says:

    Can’t wait to see you Monday. I am sorry the day job is made of fail this week. You amaze me continually.

  3. *nose swat*

    Get that story back on submission! If I gave up on the stories I really loved after 6 rejections, some of them wouldn’t have sold (my latest pub, “All Tales Must End”, took 12 markets to find where it fit in the world, and I am beyond happy with where it is at). Sure, sometimes things sell fast, but other times it takes patience to find that perfect home.

    So dangit, pick a new market and send the danged thing back out! Now!

  4. Jaym Gates Says:

    It’s more that I’m not sure that it’s a fit for the general market right now, and I don’t want to tie up markets with something that probably won’t sell. Also, I haven’t had anyone look at it for almost a year, so I don’t know if it needs more love or not.

    If I do pull it out, I’ll probably try GUD, or even Shock Totem, which sometimes buy weirder stuff.

    • Sounds like you’ve already identified two potential markets for it that it ought to be sent to… 😛

      I’m just sayin’. Because in theory, you don’t know if a story is a fit for the general market until the general market (every single instance of!) rejects it. I have sold a couple of stories that I was ready to trunk (including my first Electric Velocipede sale). So giving up is not allowed.

      • Jaym Gates Says:

        Evil, evil woman!

        Still, I need to spend a lot of time editing. I’ve got about 6 stories and 2 novellas to finish/polish.

        I suppose that I might go ahead and send it out again. But if it ties up a market that I need for something else…

        Hellfire. That’s all I’m sayin’. *g*

  5. If it ties up a market, in general the market is only tied for a few months. So you send your other story elsewhere and wait it out.

    And yeah, I am an evil evil woman. I’m just sayin’, if you love the story, kep sending it out. Find it a lovely home.

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