Erasing the Monster

I tend to have pretty coherent, weird, vivid dreams. That’s kind of an understatement, but we’ll go with that.

Last night’s dream, however, was one of the stranger ones that I’ve had. Logically, it made more sense than most of them, and it wasn’t as flamboyantly weird.

The first part is fairly vague. I had a run-in with three men. It seems like they were law-keepers of some kind. I was with friends, and my (nonexistant-in-real-life) girlfriend. The men were hunting us, chasing us down, and my girlfriend got badly injured.

There was a lot more than that, but that’s what I remember about that portion of it.

So, my girlfriend had to have surgery. For some reason, the three men were standing at the bedside. If I recall correctly, they were hunting me in particular, but wouldn’t attack me as long as I watched them. Their aspects were monstrous.

At some point, I went off on them about injuring her when they were after me, and they apologized. Like I said, strange. My girlfriend kept begging me to hold her hand, but I told her that I didn’t dare turn my back on the men.

Finally, I gave in, turned my back on them, and held her hand in both of mine. One of the most vivid images was of pressing her hand to my face, effectively blocking out the rest of the world and making myself completely vulnerable.

Her diagnosis was bad, and it flipped some switch.

The final part of the dream was the strangest. Their faces were outlined in pencil. I grabbed an eraser, told them that I wouldn’t stand for monsters hurting people I cared about, and started erasing their monstrous aspects.

I think that I looked in a mirror then, because my own face was a frightening as theirs, and I started erasing. At that point, it was almost a voice-over, telling me that many things hid behind monstrous faces.

The strangest thing was the absolute coherency and the ending. Almost like I was being incorporated into a movie for a little morality lesson.

But dammit, I forgot to read the cover blurb first. I have no idea why that got shoved into my dreams!


4 Responses to “Erasing the Monster”

  1. mgellington Says:

    ::hugs you tight:: Very tough dream.

    • Jaym Gates Says:

      Funny thing though, it wasn’t frightening. It felt right, like I conquered something. It was all around strange.


  2. I hope you’ve learned your lesson.

    About eating burritos before bedtime.

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