Bad-Girl Blogfest: Kasiris

Bad Girl Blogfest

My bad girl is Kema, the Reaper. A powerful shaman, sacrificed by her brother, she overcame Death and took his place. Her plans are bigger than just conquering Death. But first, she has to find the Warrior of God, and take his sword from him.

There are two pieces here, from the same story. Both show vital aspects of her character.

Excerpt: To Write a New Name

“Leave us,” Kema commanded her servants, kicking Kedar away from her, handing his leash to Anfim. “Return when I call, prepared for war.”

White velvet, thin as a shroud, hissed through the air and her discarded cloak settled gently to the throne behind her, stirring not a bit of dust as she stepped away. Venatore stumbled away from her, turning his eyes from the invitation of her body, barely camouflaged by the sheer gown and veil she wore in mockery of modesty.

“I knew you would come to me lover,” she taunted, and her eyes shone in triumph.

“Away you demon!” he said, fumbling for the sword that had been taken from him.

Kema smiled and picked up the gold-chased weapon from beside her throne, ignoring the burning of it in her cold hands. The purity of the blade hurt her, though not beyond bearing, for it had been dimmed, and weakened in its master’s defeat. She did not allow him to grasp it, but unsheathed it a bit, and studied the diamond-bright blade.

“I once feared this, knowing you were coming to bring me to justice,” she said. “But you are just like all the others, weak and foolish and swayed by sin, and so I will be victorious at last.”

“Why did you bring me here?” he cried, sinking to his knees as the import of his folly finally struck him.

The Reaper’s smile caressed him with the ardor of a lover, and he knew he could never have loved the power of that sword as she would. In her hands, Truth would be used against him, against his people, showing them the things they did not acknowledge, their own weaknesses and follies, and in their moment of doubt and fear, justice would claim them. Oh, she would be a grand Slayer, and would only kill those who had brought it on themselves, in her hands, all would deserve it, for all had sinned, and there was no mercy in her.


My name is Death, and Vengeance, and Justice. It is written across the skies and in the sand. Let the new era dawn and let evil know that I will not tolerate its presence.

My name is Judgment and Wrath.


10 Responses to “Bad-Girl Blogfest: Kasiris”

  1. Yikes, she’s a bad girl all right. I feel bad for the guy, and everyone else for that matter.

  2. She is certainly bad. But arrogance goes before the fall. At least the world better hope that, for I doubt Kema will show it any mercy. Good job, Roland

  3. Jaym Gates Says:

    Thank you both. Working on edits so that hopefully Kema will see the light of publication.

  4. Yowza! I like the tone of the last section a lot, very fitting. That poor guy is in over his head.

  5. So well written; you’ve shown the reader so much. I loved it.

  6. Wicked! Both the bad girl and the story. Hope you get published so I can read the whole story ; )

  7. She’s bad alright. Poor dude. But in a way she’s earned it, so why not?
    The omniscient POV kinda threw me because it went from Kema to Kedar and back.
    I want to know what happens…does she use her power for good or is she corrupted?
    Thanks for participating! Check out my entries when you get a chance!

  8. Great job. That is an interesting aspect to a Reaper character. Like the ending.

  9. Wow. I love the second part of that. Great stuff. 🙂

  10. Tina Lynn Says:

    Yipes! Promise I’ll be good:)

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