Timing is Everything

The flight out here went without a hitch, for once. Well, except for the running up and down and around O’Hare because the gates kept changing. Slept like the dead when we finally made it out to the hinterlands.

Today started with a bang. Breakfast was fresh honey tangerine juice, homemade whole-wheat biscuits, and veggie ‘bacon’ gravy. Went out to see the horses, and…apparently our feisty Standardbred had decided to play in the fence. His legs were cut up and he had scratches down his sides. Idjit.

The joyful part of all of this is that all of our vet stuff is ancient. And it’s never really done me any good. But my grandmother has several huge comfrey plants, eucalyptus and lemon balm. Threw those in the blender with thyme and oregano, a little oil to soften the skin, heated it on the stove with some flour to thicken it, and I had something vaguely resembling spinach souffle.

The horse didn’t appreciate the treatment, but I got him cleaned up, slathered green souffle on him, and tossed him back out in the pasture. The mixture is antiseptic, so it stings, and when I was working on the worst leg, he kept pulling up because it stung. At one point, he reached around and tried to take the bowl very gently out of my hands. I gave him a few minutes, and some carrots, and he forgave me.

I love that horse. That last horse that got tangled kicked me in the head for my troubles.

That meant that we had to repair some ancient fencing. The whole reason that we’re out here is to build fence and help my grandparents clean up some of the dozen or so trees that came down because of snow.

Fencing, and then we hauled slabs of oak down to the woodpile. Ow. Some of those things weighed a good 50 pounds. It was raining off and on during these endeavors, and we were waiting for the real rain to start, which it did about the time we were unloading the last load of wood.

So, we’re inside now. I walked and got a ton of pictures, patched up the horse, we’ve rebuilt a section of fence, cleaned up a tree, and now everyone else is asleep. Must be time to start lunch.


One Response to “Timing is Everything”

  1. Sounds like fun hon. Wish I was there to help out.

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