The New Furkid

Everyone, please meet Titan.

I first met Titan at the April Whitewater Center adoption event. I was just coming off of the hand injury from Nallah, so the prospect of another big dog kind of worried me. 5 months old, and *his* size? No worries, he was a perfect gentleman, and we figured that he’d get adopted quickly.

Instead, he went to another event. Lots of people thought he was awesome. He went ‘home’ to the shelter with kennel cough, and started deteriorating. We called before we left for CA. Three people in line to take him. We said that if he was there when we got back from CA, we’d adopt him.

He was not only there, but on a second round of treatment. The big puppy was about done with kennel life. Nervous peeing, general shyness, sick…he was definitely done. We brought him home tonight.

No one really knows what he is, except BIG. He has a lot of similarities to a pit bull, a Great Dane, and the Ibizan hound. Strong similarities to all of them. He’s about 7 months old, three feet tall, and weighed 49 lbs at the vet today.

He’s good with Molly. We weren’t really worried, he IS a big puppy who gets along with everyone. In fact, the tiny hound thinks that she’s top dog here. Except…Titan gets annoyed and sits on her, and she’s done. And yes, he simply sits on her.

We’re having to work with him quite a bit, of course. He’s strong-willed, and does try to play ‘happy’n’dumb’. He also has authority disregards. He’s used to being the biggest thing. However, since we’ve had strong-willed, dominant breeds before, we’re just super-sizing the methods.

Titan has some settling in to do. He was crying tonight when we went upstairs. Once we trust him and he’s settled in, he should be able to stay loose in the house at night.

Anyways, the new kid is home, Molly has adopted him as a brother, and the cat is not happy!!


3 Responses to “The New Furkid”

  1. AWWW… lucky pup to be adopted by you! He just needs time, I’m sure.

  2. I bet the cat is NOT happy! *chuckles*

    Good luck on him hon. I know you will love him and squeeze him and take great care of him.

  3. Jaym Gates Says:

    Yeah, he does need time. The cat is on the back of the chair, looking pissed. Titan is taking up 90% of the house and generally stomping around. He’s a sweetheart though, and we’ll get the menagerie sorted out within a few days.

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