Er, hi!

Yup. It’s me. Somewhat zombified, but hey! I am here. Well, at Amelie’s Bakery with friends.

Just to catch up on the past few weeks, since I’ve been silent…

I finally finished writing the Medusa story. Clocking in at well over 6000 words, it is rough as hell, and nasty. It needs love, and I need to finish it to submit to Shock Totem.

I’ve been working on Nightmare very slowly, incorporating the feedback that I’ve been getting. I have faith in it, but it is dodgy.

I wrote a piece of flash, and promptly shelved it.

I know what I need to do to Pale Fire now…just not necessarily *how*.

I’ve committed to writing a short series of articles on the oral story-telling tradition. It grew out of a random thought, Twitter provided the contacts, and I ended up spending an hour and a half on the phone with the awesome Layne Gneiting, listening and discussing. Next week I’ll be talking to Jack Gladstone.

I’ve finished up an Apex blog, a review of the Dark Faith anthology, a new Science In My Fiction blog, another article for the Browncoats: Redemption crew, travel to California, and many things that I can’t remember. Yikes. I don’t remember *at all*. Uh-oh. I might need sleep.

Our new dog Titan is settling in well. Molly is throwing a fit about sharing the house. The cat is in a permanent funk. Titan is learning to be a very good watchdog.

I’ve sold some jewelry and started an Etsy shop.

Working way too much. Still butting heads with people.

And…that’s about it. Hi, and good bye!


2 Responses to “Er, hi!”

  1. Yes dear you need sleep.

    So where is the linky to the etsy shop? (Thinking of opening up one also)

    If you need someone to bounce ideas off of, well we can always find time.

    Hugs hon

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