State of the (personal) Union

I’m afraid that I’ll keep neglecting this blog. But I do like to have it to clear my head, so fear not.

Life is trying to sweep me off of my feet and dance away with me. I’m learning to accept the crap and sweeten the bad days with thoughts of the good things. It’s a slow process, and so worth it. I am able to live each moment separately, if I remember…

The projects have taken over my life, and I love that. I have Emergent Element, Little Death, #zinechat, a writer’s group, Rigor Amortis, Raw Dog Screaming, Science In My Fiction, Browncoats, Apex, conventions. This in addition to working 32 hours a week? Yeah, I’m busy. I love every second of it. This is where I thrive, when there’s too much to do, too many things to focus on.

Emergent Element is in limbo right now. We’re waiting to hear from Dragon*Con. Do we have a table, or no? Waiting list for a con this big is not reassuring. There’s so much that we have to put together for a table…and so little time.

ReaderCon is approaching too quickly. It looks like there will be quite a few people there that I ‘know’, and will finally get to meet in person. Oh, internet, what would writers do without you?

Rigor Amortis is scaring me, a little. I posted official guidelines this evening. We have 5 submissions already. The publisher is responding to our emails within the hour. Maybe publishing moves slowly, but there are times when keeping up is a challenge.

Little Death is my biggest focus for the next couple of weeks. I’m sure that we will get a deluge the last week that we are open for subs. But I’ve got to have everything set up to handle any deluge that we might get.

Our next #zinechat has a great guest. I’m excited for it, but I need to get the transcripts posted from the last one!

Raw Dog Screaming Press is exciting. Working on book tours, convention plans, setting stuff up, plotting and planning, *this* is what I’m good at, and what I love. I will now be actively pursuing a career in book publicity.

I can’t stop smiling. I have so many things that I need to do. I need to edit stories, and post jewelry, and talk to friends. I’ll get it all done.

And I’ll be smiling the entire time. If this is what success and contentment feel like, sign me up. I’m in my happy place.


One Response to “State of the (personal) Union”

  1. I’m ready for the Little Death deluge if you are! My clicky finger is prepared to click like it has never clicked before. 🙂

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