ConCarolinas: Day 1

Got there rather late, so there’s not much of interest. Except: why the fuck are the guest/press registrations always set off in the hinterlands? You’d think that I’d have learned by now. Nope, not me. Grrr.

The guest-list seems to be leaning towards Urban Fantasy/Paranormal authors and such. I suppose that having Jerry Pournelle and John Ringo just kills any other hard SF author dead in the water? Would like to see more fantasy/horror authors there, but what have you.

The panels are pretty quiet. Not much audience participation, sadly. Although this isn’t exclusive to ConCarolinas, of course.

I’m actually pretty impressed with the turn out. A little larger than Connooga, I think. Better guest-list.

Guys are very, very helpful when you are wearing a corset. Just be sure not to flash anyone. Of course I didn’t do that. Nope, not me. So now I’ve flashed a horror artist and a group of summer-camp counselors. I don’t know what this says about me…

In my defense, it had been 40 hours since my last sleep, 2 work shifts and a lot of con.

The exceptions to the quiet rule are the horror panels (yes, surprising, I know). They pulled out some good guests for this one. DJ Torch, founder and leader of Purgatory, the largest live fetish/horror venue in the Southeast (and possibly farther), Torch has a lot to say, and says it well. Pair him with Jason from Mad One Films, and things get…exciting. Of course, everyone on the panel was drinking…

Perhaps not surprisingly, the audience was primarily male. One of Torch’s fetish performers came in, but our group had the only other two women in there. Discussion got very heated. I’d like to mention that Torch is a gentleman, moderated well, and always made sure that people had their say.

Hilarity ensued when the next panel decided to come in 10 minutes early to eavesdrop. This was when Torch was in the ‘shock and awe’ part of his argument with Jaysen.

Folks, never walk in on a horror panel. You willcome in just in time to get the worst possible out-of-context mind-twisting discussion possible.

Afterwards, with arguments still going, we escaped to the hall with a couple of guys who were interested in contributing to Rigor Amortis.

Went to the showing of Repo: A Genetic Opera last night at midnight. Holy hell, I am in love with that film! The sets are beautiful, the actors are fun, and it’s got this delightful mix of horror, hilarity and dystopian fairy-tale. Highly recommended. But: it is very bloody.

Today is, supposedly, my interview day. I’ve got a bunch of stuff to do for Port Iris Magazine.ut when the guest-director doesn’t get the schedule to you, it kind of sucks. So while I know that I’m interviewing Robert Snare and Tally Johnson, I don’t know about anyone else. And I set up those two interviews…

The whole day will be capped with Amelie’s Bakery and a ride on one sweet, beautiful, awesome Ducati motorcycle. Thank you, Lyle!


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