ConCarolinas: The Aftermath

Bits and pieces that won’t be included in the Apex blog because they are too personal for most people to care about!

Well, it is telling that I started the weekend waiting for a crucial email and desperately desiring sleep. I got up Thursday morning at about 10am, and didn’t go back to sleep until 4am Saturday morning. I mean, even when I went to bed Friday night, so tired that I might as well have been drunk, so tired I literally hurt, even then, I couldn’t go to sleep. I lay there, annoyed as hell with myself and plotted my own demise.

It was hot. And humid. ConCarolinas organizers: please move your event to February. I’ll like you a lot more.

I got to learn the fine art of waltzing up to someone, giving them my most charming smile, and asking to steal some of their time for an interview. So I’ve approached: Brian Holloway, DJ Torch, Davey Beauchamp, Ed Schubert, John Ringo, Jerry Pournelle, AJ Hartley, Talley Johnson, and random exhibitors and attendees. If you’ve known me for more than a couple of years, you’ll know how excruciatingly hard it can be for me to approach people. Even if I know that I’m supposed to be approaching them. I always feel the need to apologize. And, dammit, I was so nervous each time I headed up there that I thought I might throw up!

Sucking it up and getting over the shyness did lead to an awesome weekend, however. I met John Ringo and Jerry Pournelle! They debated computers, history, submarines and Apple vs. Microsoft! John waved at me every time he saw me at the con! (No, I don’t have any illusions about being the only one he waves at. Shush. It’s still ridiculously awesome.)

I also had my costume (a simple, last-minute affair thrown together from what I could find in my closet) complimented by award-winning costumer Brian Holloway. I discussed tattoos with DJ Torch. I absorbed the wisdom of Intergalactic Medicine Show’s editor Ed. Schubert.

The panels were kind of mixed, and I’ll go over those more in the Apex blog. But there were a couple of great ones that I dropped in on.

I got to tow my own, personal, blond-wigged, costumed, sword-adorned…something…around all weekend and listen to the ladies drool over him. I wanted to put him up for auction, but was told that selling humans–even for a night–isn’t acceptable. Rats.

One of the best parts was proving that there is a significant interest and market for Rigor Amortis. I mentioned it at the Taboo panel, and was immediately cornered by two people who wanted to contribute. The entire room had…15 people?

Oh, that’s the other thing: being the only woman in a room of hard-core fetish, horror and taboo fans/producers is hilarious. The sideways looks were more than payment enough. I do feel mildly bad for making my mother come join me for that one…but not too bad. She *does* read my writing, after all.

Repo: The Genetic Opera is my new favorite movie. Just the right gore, dark mood, screwed up relationships and grungy beauty. Will now buy.

Unfortunately, I ended the weekend with a migraine. And did a faceplant in front of the Hilton on Saturday. Oh well, so is life.


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