“Sugar sugar SUGAR!” tiny shrilling verses don’t work well as an alarm clock, really they don’t. “Sugar Sugar SUGAR!!!”

Last I checked, alarm clocks didn’t actually sit and poke people with their claws.

“SHUT UP!” My legs are half asleep, no doubt from the hell-hound that’s sitting innocently on my feet and panting hopefully. Goddamned fey-critter dormitory this’s become.

“SUG—GACK!” The little fey glared at me reproachfully. “Sugar?”

I gently placed the fairy back in the swarm and sat up gingerly. “One more word about sugar, you’re all my breakfast toast,” I muttered.

Snorty the hell-hound panted happily and slurped at my hand. “Ouch!” Snorty’s tongue was a little warm. He doubled well as squirrel-chaser and footwarmer. Bloody hot in other words.

“Good Snorty,” I said, and stumbled into the kitchen, where the sugar stash was held under lock and key. A quick check out the window, yup, the Kelpy was grazing happily.

“Sugar?” Tick-tock the Brownie stuck his nose out of the cupboard. One look at me, and he tucked back into the cupboard in a right hurry.

See, what they don’t tell you about the fey creatures and their kin is how needy they are. Sugar to be specific. Have you ever heard a swarm of fairies yelling for sugar? No? Be glad.


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