I made it out to a ‘social’ event on Saturday! Color me proud of myself. Now that I’m getting so many responsibilities outside of the day job, I’ve cut back on social stuff even more.

But, I made it out, by myself at that. Last Sunday, drawing to the end of ConCarolinas, I interviewed DJ Torch, owner of Single Cell. An invite to the next performance was extended, I was able to pull a last-minute switch at work, and off to Communion of the Flesh.

Now, anyone who has been in the South the last couple of weeks knows what the damned weather has been like. I don’t know what it is about the South, probably the humidity, but air conditioning is like make-up: yeah, it makes things better, but there’s got to be something there to work with.

While it was probably 65 in the VIP area (maybe more, I was tired and so got cold too easily), it was apparently about 120 degrees on the stage. When I caught up to Torch at the end of the evening, it looked like someone had dumped a bucket of water over him. Humidity, go to Hell. You’ll be a wonderful addition to the atmosphere.

But the DJ’s were great, the playlists were just enough bands that I was familiar with to give me a bit of a reference point, with plenty of new ones to go look up. It was a great introduction to the Single Cell performances. I’ll be trying to attend these regularly from here on out.

Unfortunately, that wiped out all of Saturday for working. My most urgent deadline was the Science In My Ficiton article that went live this morning. Due to the delicacy of the subject (gender), I just couldn’t get a handle on it. Of course, typically, deadlines are the mother of courage, and I uploaded it at 3am, along with an apology to the editors!

That article can be found here: Three Isn’t Always a Crowd: Gender

One deadline down…three to go.

I have a piece due to Clarkesworld on Friday, another tetchy subject: Taboo and Genre Culture. This is where I’m glad to have interviewed Torch so extensively. His wealth of knowledge and study on taboo is going to make my article both easier and much harder.

My Apex blog is due on Wednesday, a Con Report/interview.

The really worrying one right now is the Port Iris Magazine Con review/interviews. I’m waiting on 2 interviews still. This entire thing has been a lesson in casting the net as widely as possible, because I do have a couple of interviews that I *can* use, thankfully.

Rigor Amortis is chugging right along. Erika is a phenomenal co-editor. I don’t think that I ever want to do an anthology without a co-editor. There are just too many things that need a different view. We also have five artists who are interested in working for Rigor Amortis, and have submitted some beautiful concepts. Galen Smith is working on cover-art ideas for us.

Don’t remind me that I need to start figuring out contracts sometime very soon. I’m hiding in edits for the time being, and art. That should tell you how scared I am: when I *want* to edit!

Little Death isn’t far from being in the crunch stages either. Thankfully, all I have to learn for that is layout, and I’ve got Chris Fletcher, Kay and Bart to lean on for that one.

No time was wasted in throwing me into the grindhouse at Raw Dog Screaming, which is awesome. Always good to get out of the gate quickly, as it seems to set the tone for the rest of the job. So far, I’ve set up the Twitter account, worked on a marketing plan for ReaderCon, and have been getting to know the authors and staff. Next up: rallying the troops and getting the authors to support us the way we support them.

Tonight is the THIRD(!!!!!!!!!!) #zinechat. Special Guest John Klima, editor of Electric Velocipede, will be joining us. (This means that I need to get on this whole invite-the-next-guest thing.)

Still working on the NC Writer’s Network. Need to meet up with MG to talk and plot and brainstorm!

I’ve also wrapped up 4 books in the last 2 weeks, so I can’t yell too loudly. Reviews coming on Kittredge, Andrews and Briggs. If my eReader will cooperate, a review of Shipp’s CURSED will follow.

ReaderCon is coming up quickly, as is DragonCon. My focus is on getting ready for these, which means a *ton* of costuming for DragonCon, and lots of stressing!

I’m storming along on getting back into the short story game. Lords of Heaven and Earth, Pale Fire She Steals From the Sun, Clank-Clank Nanny, It Is Not the Fire…but the Earthquake and Climb No Mountains are all out on submission. Still need to edit the novellas Mother of Serpents, To Write a New Name and The Secrets of Mother-Mountains.

My focus with those three novellas has changed, however. Novella markets are very far between, or closed. So I will be polishing them into a collection, and gluing the three together with flash and a couple of other stories. Because all three are highly mythological, I will also be finishing off some other myth-influenced stories. I am aiming for the resulting compilation to be about 50,000 words.

Haven has drawn the short straw. I’m ready to be done with it and get it sent out! So I’m going to try to get it to beta readers by the end of the month, at least 2/3 of it. I would really like to get the first Red Sun book rewritten this year, and Inherent is also starting to call my name.

Besides that, I’m just trying to keep up with the jewelry and the freelancing stuff. Playing catch-up again today. Yikes. Wish me luck!


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