Rainy-Day Soup

The vegetarian/vegan’s response to Chicken Noodle soup! (or, you could just add chicken, pork or turkey to my recipe. Just don’t tell me if you do!)

2tblsp lemon juice
1 cup water
2 tblsp orange juice
splash of rice wine or sherry
splash of rice vinegar
2 pieces candied ginger
3tblsp soy sauce
1tsp coriander
Salt and cayenne or other spicy ingredient to taste

Bring everything to boil in a pan, and add:
2 cups total partly-cooked veggies (Mine has roasted corn, edamame, flat beans, black beans)
1 1/2 cups partly-cooked noodles: rice, soba or shiritaki
1/2 cup chopped tofu

Simmer until noodles are al-dente. Veggies and noodles should all have 2-3 minutes of cooking time left when added to the broth.

The ginger helps with upset stomachs, the broth is warm and soothing, and there’s lots of healthy stuff in the soup. Enjoy!

2 Responses to “Rainy-Day Soup”

  1. If I add a vegetarian to the soup, does the whole soup still count as vegetarian?

    (the broth mix sounds yummy!)

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