Of Witches, Dragons and Children: INHERENT

WIP 2009~Page in progress!

Inherent is the first book to be written in the Shadow and Soul world. While it is explicitly NOT part of the Shadow and Soul series, it is very much part of that world and introduces characters that will later be seen in Shadow and Soul stories.

Of Witches, Dragons and Children is set in the continent of Cume, vs. the younger, larger continent of Alangil where the Shadow and Soul setting is based. Relics of the departed Marasran race, three dragons and a few immortal companions remain in Cume to safeguard the Sarachagas–the vast desert where the demonic Princes are imprisoned in the body of a fallen goddess–and to provide an ending point for the wave of power unleashed by the Marasran to seal their path behind them. As the years passed and humans spread, the dragons found themselves worshiped, and before long they were raising cities. Cities became nations, and the dragons took mates, and Children were born.


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